Disciplines: Strategy, PMO, Project Engineering, Engineering

SRC Infrastructure, with Lendlease, has supported TfL in the development of Retail,  Built Environment, Systems, Civils & Earth Structures, and Station Modernisation programmes, through the provision of a bespoke Integrated Delivery model.

The model consists of an Integrated Leadership Team, Integrated Delivery Team, and  Technical Support Group, and integrates with the client programme delivery team and subject matter experts. This unique approach delivers fluent interface  management at each level of client governance and stakeholder influence.


Integrator Leadership Team:

  • Works closely with the Programme Manager & Senior Project Team(s).


Integrated Delivery Team:

  • Project teams are co-located with client.

Technical Support Group:

  • Technical engineering expertise and programme controls resource that can be mobilised as required.


Disciplines: Leadership, Organisation Management, Portfolio Delivery Strategy, Risk Management

SRC Infrastructure supports the TfL MPD Construction Leadership Team with strategic construction and leadership advisory. This includes the development and execution of a suite of core products for controls & reporting; quality, audit & compliance; risk management; talent management; railway interface & integration; and critical infrastructure delivery.

Key achievements include the design and delivery of:

  • An organisational re-structure

  • Refining and integrating a  construction Management System

  • An intrusion model for projecting levels of surveillance effort

  • A construction risk peer review process for all major TfL projects

  • A new approach and toolset for planning construction management

TfL Major Projects - Construction & Lead
TfL Major Projects - Construction & Lead


DisciplinesProcurement Advisory, Constructability Advisory, Value Engineering

The Colindale Station Redevelopment project team required greater certainty that  LU’s baseline scheme was both cost-effective and buildable. SRC Infrastructure was  appointed to provide the LU project team with an advisory service that enabled a  detailed “two phase” procurement approach to the evaluation of TfL Framework partners construction studies and value engineering cost proposals. The objective was to ensure that the best value proposal was awarded the Design and Build  Contract.

The collaborative “two-phase” procurement approach:

  • Achieved a 20% reduction in the forecasted costs of design and construction.

  • Built more certainty about the deliverability of the scheme and a clearer understanding of the risks associated with it.

Key benefits included:

  • The LU team had opportunities to see how the contractors were developing their proposals throughout the engagement and reflect on acceptability in “real time”

  • The contractors had the opportunity to better understand the impact of their proposals and thus appreciate the expectations of the LU team. This enabled a re-engineering of the proposals to provide more confidence across design,  buildability, and expected costs.




DisciplinesFeasibility, Cost Management, Procurement Strategy

South Kensington Station Capacity Upgrade (SKSCU) is a complex, multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder project with some significant risk areas to be addressed during  detailed design and construction. SRC Infrastructure advised LU on what might cause  the costs of a successful tenderer to increase post-award and/or for tenderer’s costs  to be driven by unresolved risks in scope.

SRC Infrastructure assessed the existing station & asset conditions, design maturity & constructability, logistics, material delivery and muck away, stakeholder engagement, project tools & processes, and site access and egress. It was found that the principal cost risks associated with the project scope were related to design maturity, constructability challenges and, to a lesser extent, existing asset conditions.


Key recommendations:

Repackaging the scope procurement approach into three parts:
a) Enabling TfL led specialist contractors
b) Main works Prime Contractor
c) Skylight deck and remedials Separate Contractor

Benefits of Repackaging scope & procurement:

  • Less mature designs are managed by specialist resource, and therefore taken off the contractor’s critical path

  • TfL closely manages the higher operational risk works

  • Majority of TfL activities de risked


Disciplines: Sales Strategy, Client Management, Cost & Change, Resource Planning

SRC Infrastructure provides Lendlease Consulting with a specialist consultant to provide account leadership, portfolio strategy and organisational representation as chair of TfL’s Integrator Framework steering group.


In this role, SRC Infrastructure supports Lendlease Consulting with defining the  opportunity strategy, commission identification, and commercial management for work delivered through the Framework. This has enabled Lendlease’s provision to TfL to significantly increase in a short period of time, grossing £0.5m in 2018 to £10m in 2020. SRC supplements Lendlease by bringing a strong entrepreneurial hunger to seeking, identifying and delivering opportunities.


TfL recognises SRC’s capability and experience, which has in turn enabled Lendlease to expand it’s provision in TfL exponentially through advisory, consulting and managed services across project and programme management, commercial management, engineering and construction management.



Disciplines: Programme Management,  Commercial Management, Programme  Engineering

For London Underground’s Renewals and Enhancements Directorate, SRC Infrastructure  was engaged to support the delivery of circa 30 projects at different stages of the  project lifecycle across a diverse Renewals Workbank, including bridges, structures,  earth structures, premises and systems.

Renewals Programme Healthchecks & Improv

Our delivery approach was to establish a project improvement workstream to firstly  undertake root cause analysis of period-on-period slippage. We developed a project  health check questionnaire, completed by all projects, and then led individual project  teams in deep dive reviews with our specialist leadership and mentoring team, focusing  particularly on governance compliance and schedule completeness.

These reviews engaged and upskilled all TfL project teams to solve issues and help  ensure stakeholder buy-in. The output has provided necessary assurance to TfL senior  management that project schedules are understood, realistic and are a reliable tool to  manage projects and aid programme controls and engineering delivery. These changes  have led to much greater project understanding, significantly improved team  engagement, schedule ownership and in turn significant improvements have been  demonstrated in budget and schedule performance.


Disciplines: Programme Management, Cost & Change, Planning, Leadership

These four lines are among some of the oldest sections of the Underground  network, with parts dating back to 1863. Together they make up 40% of the Tube network, with around a million passenger journeys each day. They make up the Four Lines Modernisation Programme (4LM), which provides new trains, new track, draining and new signalling.

The original 4LM programme scope had not taken full account of the need to maintain operational capability in depots during construction works. SRC Infrastructure developed an integrated approach to the works and re-defined the scope working closely with LU’s fleet stakeholders. This resulted in a revised  programme, costs and scope.

SRC Infrastructure successfully led an optimisation exercise to reduce internal  resources, risk budget, both at Project and Programme level. With LU fleet  stakeholders, SRC de-scoped items that could be removed without impairing the depots ability to maintain rolling stock for the Lines.

District, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & Ci
District, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & Ci


Disciplines: Programme Management, Contract Management, Leadership

A multi-award winning (including Evening Standard’s Peoples Choice) design and build commission to transform a Central London site from brownfield into a fully operational, signalled 10 roads, train prep facility within 17 months. Including  70,000 tonnes of excavation, 3.5km of track, 1200 sleepers, 1755 tonnes of  concrete bases and walkways.

The project scope included new permanent way, accommodation, acoustic barriers and fencing around the sidings, DC traction power, low-voltage power supplies, lighting and CCTV.

SRC Infrastructure acted on behalf of Principal Contractor as Project Director, managing the design and construction of the new roads, including a turnout from the main line and a crossover between the existing main line tracks. During this work 350 lighting bollards, 320 lamp posts, 105 bulkhead lights and associated cabling, and cable route management systems were installed.