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TfL Fire Hydrants

SRC are currently working on a commission to take design for firefighting hydrant systems in 26 commercial buildings from the preparation and briefing stage to the end of technical design including a substantial optioneering element for each hydrant. Many of these buildings are over 100 years old and have highly constrained underground areas.

Our engineering and project management teams have worked closely with those of our client who are delivering step-free access projects and other major upgrades. We have integrated our designs with those of the other projects, meaning we have delivered our element of design at a lower cost for our client than was originally forecast.

Our project team has provided a multidisciplinary design service, covering civil, fire/MEP and premises engineering. This has improved design coordination, quality, and assurance, and has removed the client’s need to integrate single discipline designs, providing additional value for our client.

We have undertaken value engineering for our client by fully surveying the buildings and developing a wide range of options for the hydrants. We have regularly considered the use of disused building areas, while investigating these areas we have taken the opportunity to enhance our client’s asset database with assets we discovered.

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