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Stepney Green Station Signalling Equipment

Disciplines: Civil / Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Signalling, Drainage

The Stepney Green fire-rated enclosure commission was a multidisciplinary project involving civil/ structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering. The scope was to design a one-hour fire rated enclosure around existing operational and safety critical systems; including signalling equipment. The design had to be compatible within the tight space constraints at Stepney Green Station, as well as satisfy LU standards of fire resistance integrity and insulation to the structure. ​ SRC Infrastructure delivered the design and compliance documentation to time, and a high standard by working within a rigorous assurance regime. This enabled construction to proceed to schedule.

SRC Infrastructure also took on additional works after designs had been agreed, to enhance the ventilation and lighting arrangements within the enclosure. SRC Infrastructure met the challenge and incorporated changes into the designs allowing construction to commence at short notice.

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