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Southwark Station Over-Station Development

The Southwark over-station development is one of the most sustainable large-scale office schemes in the United Kingdom, offering c. 26,500m2 of commercial office space alongside more than 230m2 of retail space. The building will be rented out for commercial use, which will help TfL to create sustainable and long-term revenue that can be reinvested into the transport network - the offices will also encourage its new occupants to use public transport and shop in the local area.

SRC are carrying out the feasibility studies for the works to enable to over-station development. The scope includes the relocation of two Electrical Switch Rooms, the ticketing function, the modification of the stations central cooling and ventilation systems as well as modifications to the stations communication and fire systems. To comply with TfL fire regulations, the Ticket Hall internal elevation is to be reconfigured to match the current station environment.

The works are undertaken in the following three phases: firstly, the independent strip out works are undertaken, so taking out tables, cupboards, extinguishers etc. During the second phase, the relocation of the operational functions are undertaken in parallel with the creation of a smaller construction site behind a one-hour barrier and the strip out of assets within that area. Finally, the one-hour barrier is then extended so that the whole of the area becomes a construction site and the remainder of the assets can be stripped out.

SRC's work will enable the over-station development to take place above Southwark station, allowing TfL to let the space to the commercial developer.

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