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London Underground Lifts and Escalators Department

SRC worked with the LU Lifts and Escalator Department at three LU stations. We supported projects for the replacement of escalators at Bank, checking the construction method on temporary and permanent steelwork in the Escalator Machine Room in Oxford Circus, and the designs for steelwork replacement and strengthening works in Earls Court lift shaft tower frame.

The work involved structural steelwork design and structural mechanics involving ropes and pulleys as well as understanding the effects of the construction sequence on the existing and proposed structures and the challenge of fitting the proposed designs within the restricted existing available space.

Solutions were found by clearly defining the objective of the project, then identifying smaller individual segments of tasks and putting together known workable solutions before assembling them. SRC embedded engineers in the Client’s team, as a shortage of suitably skilled personnel was identified within LU. To ensure the projects proceeded satisfactorily SRC utilised specialist software (Mathcad and STAAD.Pro) and gained expert knowledge of procedures specific to LU Lifts and Escalators.

Understanding and co-ordinating with the Electrical and Mechanical engineering aspects of the projects was an important aspect of this work. Obtaining information in time from sub-contractors and suppliers to incorporate in design and managing to deal with changing input information without affecting the final delivery time and budget posed a number of problems all of which were successfully overcome.

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