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London Underground - Systems Renewal at Barbican Station

Disciplines: Civil / Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Signalling, C&I, Drainage, Communications, Premises

SRC Infrastructure supported the Systems Programme within the London Underground Renewals Portfolio through a review of the Barbican Refurbishment Project. The Barbican Refurbishment Project is a multidisciplinary scheme (Fire, Comms, Civils, Premises, Mechanical & Electrical). It addresses asset obsolescence, asset safety, legal compliance & LU compliance.

Key Findings:

  • The engineering & design deliverables did not follow TfL’s Pathway, resulting in misalignment with the PRS.

  • The original Scope of Works was not complete or baselined. This was because the interfaces with other programmes (including Crossrail and 4LM) had not been formally defined and agreed.

  • The design activities were not aligned with an accepted D&B Procurement Strategy.

  • The Project was under resourced, which was putting the programme at risk.

Key Recommendations:

  • That the project should separate out independent and enabling works packages. This would ensure that each can meet the Stage Gate 2/3 milestones, and bring forward the start on site date for these activities, without compromising time, cost, quality or safety.

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