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London Underground - South Kensington Station Capacity Upgrade

Disciplines: Feasibility, Cost Management, Procurement Strategy

South Kensington Station Capacity Upgrade (SKSCU) is a complex, multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder project with some significant risk areas to be addressed during detailed design and construction. SRC Infrastructure advised LU on what might cause the costs of a successful tenderer to increase post-award and/or for tenderer’s costs to be driven by unresolved risks in scope. ​ SRC Infrastructure assessed the existing station & asset conditions, design maturity & constructability, logistics, material delivery and muck away, stakeholder engagement, project tools & processes, and site access and egress. It was found that the principal cost risks associated with the project scope were related to design maturity, constructability challenges and, to a lesser extent, existing asset conditions.

Key recommendations: Repackaging the scope procurement approach into three parts: a) Enabling TfL led specialist contractors b) Main works Prime Contractor c) Skylight deck and remedials Separate Contractor ​ Benefits of Repackaging scope & procurement:

  • Less mature designs are managed by specialist resource, and therefore taken off the contractor’s critical path

  • TfL closely manages the higher operational risk works

  • Majority of TfL activities de risked

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