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London Overground Trams


Her Majesty’s Government Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) carried out a 13-month investigation into the causes of the Croydon tram crash which killed seven people and injured dozens more. RAIB made 15 recommendations. A number of these require new processes and controls and others require modifications, improvements or new systems infrastructure solutions. SRC Infrastructure led the engineering development, testing, and coordination and roll-out for these changes. ​ This is the first project on UK trams that integrates existing systems with new as a means to improve the safety of trams.

Examples of these innovative solutions:

  • Prototyping a Physical Prevention of Over-speeding System (PPOS) system,

  • Prototyping and integration of a driver awareness system already used in the road haulage industry.

  • Signage and software integration to improve visual sighting for drivers.

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