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Liverpool Street Station Water Ingress Mitigation

SRC Infrastructure has been supporting TfL in its management and mitigation of historical water ingress at Liverpool Street Station.

After carryying out surveys of the station’s roof area, surrounding roads and walkways, studied extensive historical data of water services and drainage system to identify points of water ingress, assessing previously installed drip trays and assets that have suffered in areas of water ingress, SRC were able to determine where the station is facing water ingress issues and are now producing concept designs to help mitigate future problems. This includes a Demountable Drip Tray System Design, replacement of damaged assets and the installation of complaint support framing, flashings, deflectors and drainage pipe work.

Previous water ingress issues at Liverpool Street Station had led to multiple platform and public concourses areas to face closures at the Liverpool Street Station – mitigation of these issues will help prevent future similar disturbances and in-turn, reduce inconvenience and loss of revenue for TfL.

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