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Kings Cross Station Modernisation

This commission was undertaken for Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB), in support of their delivery of the Kings Cross Station Modernisation Project. SRC took on the task of handling the many civil engineering design enquiries and additionally some relating to power and communications. SRC was asked to take over this function when the contractual arrangements with the previous designer became unworkable and costly.

It was SRC’s knowledge of LU’s processes that allowed them to understand PB’s requirements and deliver to tight timescales. Many assessments and documents were required almost concurrently. SRC demonstrated the essential efficiency and careful time management required. SRC developed close working relationships with the PB Design Manager and Engineers, visited the site frequently and attended weekly meetings to report on progress and to understand further requirements.

John Lonergan, PB’s Senior Project Engineer said: “It was the spirit of close collaboration we developed that gave us the confidence to give more tasks to SRC beyond the original scope, such as developing an earthing strategy and assessing the intelligibility of the PA system against the LU

standards. The commission helped both companies develop their relationship which is vital as we are partners in a number of TfL frameworks.”

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