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Enhancing Staff Welfare: Improving Working Conditions for London Underground Staff

SRC Infrastructure is providing consultancy services to Transport for London's Staff Welfare project, focused on improving the environment and facilities used by London Underground staff on a daily basis. Through a comprehensive approach, including non-intrusive and intrusive surveys, SRC is supporting the renovation efforts of various rooms, such as kitchens, messrooms, bathrooms, lobbies, and multi-purpose rooms, across different London Underground sites.


Stage One: Non-Intrusive Surveys and Option Development

As part of the initial stage, SRC Infrastructure successfully completed non-intrusive surveys across multiple London Underground sites; these consist of stations, substations and depot buildings. These surveys were designed to assess the current state of rooms utilised by staff and identify areas requiring improvement. By conducting detailed inspections while minimising disruption to ongoing operations, SRC gathered essential data for each site, assessing compliance with Transport for London (TfL) standards.

The deliverables of stage one included a comprehensive non-intrusive survey report for each site, documenting findings and highlighting specific areas for remediation. In addition, SRC developed a high-level options development plan, which served as a roadmap for defining the scope of subsequent intrusive surveys. These reports and plans provided valuable insights to guide future decision-making and prioritisation.

Stage Two: Intrusive Surveys, Scoping Documents and Design Workshops

With the successful completion of stage one, SRC Infrastructure has commenced with stage two, which involves conducting intrusive surveys to gather further in-depth information about the identified locations. These surveys encompass a range of assessments, including water ingress surveys, slip tests, paint tests, and suspended ceiling surveys. Through this comprehensive data collection process, SRC will gain a deeper understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities presented by each site, as well as validating options for remedial works to be implemented.


Based on the outcomes of the intrusive surveys, some sites will require relatively simple renovations, such as layout updates, minor improvements, or fresh coats of paint. SRC will accurately capture these requirements in scoping documents, ensuring that all necessary work is identified and planned accordingly.


For sites with more complex needs, such as the installation of new drainage systems, water supplies, or structural modifications, SRC will be supporting TfL with the design of solutions to meet the specific requirements of each location.


Our Commitment

At SRC, we are dedicated to making a positive impact to the London Underground, one of the world's most iconic transport systems. Through various projects, such as this, we strive to collaboratively work with TfL to improve both passenger and employee experience, helping ensure it is a safe, efficient and enjoyable transport network.


"As Project Manager, leading the Staff Welfare project has been a fulfilling experience. It brings me great satisfaction to make a meaningful difference in the working conditions of the dedicated staff who ensure the seamless operation of the London Underground. By creating more comfortable and functional spaces, we are enhancing their well-being and ultimately supporting their vital contributions to the transport system."

– George Albon, who heads up the Project Management of the Staff Welfare project.

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