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Earls Court Station

The scope of SRC’s work at Earls Court was chiefly Civil Engineering and Technical Assurance. SRC was required to undertake the design and assurance work to build a new room on an island platform, re-instate heritage features within the station, and assist in compiling the final handover file for the Station Modernisation.

There were significant challenges involved in agreeing the approach for the re-instatement of the heritage features. SRC resolved these issues through proactive engagement with the stakeholders and authorities, and detailed research into the arrangements agreed in similar situations. This demonstrated that SRC’s streamlined, responsive approach and familiarity with the LU environment, processes and key people is a major asset in finding solutions to problems encountered, and delivering works quickly and to a high standard.

SRC’s collaborative approach to Project Management enabled the client to gain a high level of confidence in the designs produced. This contributed to the project being nominated as a finalist at the annual Association of Project Management awards. The project was also voted the winner of the LU Platinum project of the year.

Doug Holbrook, Senior Commercial Manager at LU said: “Co-operation between all parties enabled the project to be delivered well below budget despite the significant design challenges that the project team were confronted with. The budget savings will benefit LU’s future investment plans during the current difficult financial climate”.

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