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District, Metropolitan, Hammersmith and City, and Circle Depots Upgrade Programme Recovery

Disciplines: Programme Management, Cost & Change, Planning, Leadership

These four lines are among some of the oldest sections of the Underground network, with parts dating back to 1863. Together they make up 40% of the Tube network, with around a million passenger journeys each day. They make up the Four Lines Modernisation Programme (4LM), which provides new trains, new track, draining and new signalling.

The original 4LM programme scope had not taken full account of the need to maintain operational capability in depots during construction works. SRC Infrastructure developed an integrated approach to the works and re-defined the scope working closely with LU’s fleet stakeholders. This resulted in a revised programme, costs and scope.

SRC Infrastructure successfully led an optimisation exercise to reduce internal resources, risk budget, both at Project and Programme level. With LU fleet stakeholders, SRC de-scoped items that could be removed without impairing the depots ability to maintain rolling stock for the Lines.

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