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Asset Data Inventories

SRC have been carrying out the survey work on a number of stations, sub-stations and depots in London. SRC have deployed a team of RICS chartered building surveyors and assistant surveyors, working in pairs to perform the inspections of these locations. The information collated during date-captured surveys is uploaded into TfL’s asset management system.

Surveyors carry out thorough non-intrusive surveys of the sites and associated assets and carry out an assessment against predetermined criteria. The information collected includes; asset measurements, general condition, material assessments, life expectancy, categorisation of associated risk and any heritage status that is applicable to the sites. This information can be used to gain a much better understanding of their assets, which aids in preventative maintenance cycles and the planning of renewals/enhancement pipeline projects.

"I am very proud of our work on this project so far, the team have performed detailed inspecgtions as per the programme and we are keeeping to the agreed budget. I’d like to thank each member of the team for the efforts on tis project so far."

- Taran Panchal, Project Manager

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