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National Inclusion Week

We believe that by maintaining and growing more inclusive teams our business is more creative and innovative. Diversity makes for a better working environment, promotes effective collaboration and delivers great outcomes for our clients.

This week we celebrate everyday steps to improve inclusion. It also gives us the opportunity to talk about our strong commitment to equality and diversity. Our commitment helps send out the clear message to customers and staff that we care deeply about our people. So, it’s the right time to re-state some of the steps that SRC Infrastructure is taking to build inclusion into the fabric of our business.

Our recruitment strategy is a key to this. Hiring the right people involves having the widest and most diverse candidate pool possible to choose from. A diverse workforce brings together the widest possible range of ideas, personalities, abilities and experience; generating a creative and dynamic work environment. And this approach continues to pay off for us. More diversity in our organisation helps bring a wider perspective which leads to diverse hiring.

Diversity and inclusion training starts with staff inductions, but is also ongoing and organic, evolving over time as new employees join us. SRC Infrastructure has a strong commitment to trying to remove bias through training but training alone is not always enough to achieve true inclusion.

We are committed to encouraging inclusion. This can be shown by our two key strategic actions. Through the implementation of both a top-down, and a bottom-up approach to diversity and inclusion; we aim to speed up this process. Our top down initiative is to increase the percentage of women in our organisation, specifically in senior leadership positions. Our bottom up approach is to grow gender and ethnicity diversity in our early entrant programmes, especially our graduate programmes.

At SRC Infrastructure, we are taking significant steps to ensure that everyone feels welcome and safe when at work. But there remains more that we can do. So, in our current Quality Review period we are reviewing all our current operational procedures and work instructions to specifically to remove any unconscious bias. We are thinking about whether our processes reduce opportunities for diversity due to perceived constraints such as accessibility, core hours rules, childcare and company-led social events.

We believe that we have a social responsibility for inclusion and diversity in our organisation. We are committed to making everyone feel welcome, and we strongly believe that this is one of our greatest strengths. We also believe that inclusion makes good economical sense as it promotes staff retention, engagement and creativity.

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