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Future Line Control - How Should it be Done?

The centralisation of London Underground railway signalling from line side signal cabins to line wide central control has been ongoing since the 1950’s. Each control centre has been commissioned at vastly contrasting times, with different technologies and providers; both in-house and supply chain.This has led to diverse functionality, implementation, operation, and maintenance arrangements.

Over this time, an explosive expansion in networks, computing functionality and power has opened opportunities that could not have been dreamed off when this process started. The recent pandemic has forced all companies to re-think their real estate utilisation and needs.

Ivan Curties, SRC's Principal Control and Information Engineer is supporting Transport for London with developing a Control Centre and Line Control Strategy. This project intends to see how better technology can modernise Line Control such that functionality, operation, and maintenance can be bought together. Therefore, facilitating more efficient and coherent real estate utilisation.

Ivan has an expert knowledge of Control and Information techniques and technology utilised in the TfL Environment having previously led the C&I function in TfL and worked on:

  1. Implementation of the Jubilee, Bakerloo, Central and Victoria Line Control & Comms systems

  2. Migration of legacy systems to new systems both technical and operational

  3. Station management systems (CCTV, PA, Networks, Customer Information)

Ivan also brings a wealth of real time systems design and operational knowledge from the private sector within banking, commodities trading and Network Rail traffic management systems. These systems included: signaling, signaling control, comms, SCADA and operational processes.

As part of the SRC Advisory Piece to TfL, Ivan will bring this knowledge to bear in the development and assessment of strategy options to formalise the TfL C&I Strategy for the future.



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